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When Security Isn’t Just an Option, It’s a Must

Bank security isn’t merely a good idea. It’s a requirement. Financial institutions are one of the most targeted hotspots for crime with 3,000 to 4,000 robberies occurring during any given year. Protecting employees and customers is imperative.

HillQuest Security and Patrol Chino Security Officers are highly trained professionals, providing a liaison between law enforcement and bank personnel in the event of an emergency – such as a robbery. If we are guarding a facility where a crime occurs, we control the situation until the authorities arrive. If your financial institution does get hit, you’ll want us there.

Highly Trained Professional Security in Chino

Our professionals are highly skilled in many other areas of bank security in Chino as well like administering bank facility security settings and devices and identifying, analyzing, and controlling potential and existing safety hazards. They are trained and experienced in providing security, safety, support, and guidance to bank institution personnel, working with and assisting Chino bank’s Security and Safety Officer in developing, administering, and implementing all phases of the bank’s Security and Safety Program.

Chino Security and Safety Advising and Consultation

HillQuest Security Guards focus heavily on prevention as well. They advise and consult with Chino banks’ Chief Compliance Officer and well as senior management and other financial institution personnel regarding security and safety matters and provide guidance in establishing risk mitigation strategies and implementation.

We are Leaders in Chino Security

Through leadership, training, and supervising, HillQuest Security in Chino assist the bank’s Chief Compliance Officer in making sure department activities are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Chino HillQuest Security Guards are Highly Trained

Our security guards go through rigorous training to provide them with the skill and knowledge required to handle a multitude of services. All Chino HillQuest Security Guards meet the high standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. In addition, we have some of the most stringent hiring standards in the industry so you can be confident our guards are well-suited for the job.

Exceptional HillQuest Security Services

We provide a wide range of services to Chino banks and financial institutions. Some of the many duties our Chino security guards handle include:

  • Parking lot security
  • Patrolling the premises
  • Access control
  • 24-hour watch
  • Emergency response
  • Administration of bank safety devices and settings

At HillQuest Security Chino, We Go the Extra Mile

When you trust us with security at your Chino bank, you get much more than your average security service. Our 24/hour supervision entails our supervisors periodically checking the security officers and posts at random to ensure all aspects of security measures are intact.

Chino HillQuest Security comes with free communication systems, allowing you access to contact our security officers immediately at any time.

We also provide the most up to date state-of-the-art security equipment in accordance with the current industry standards so you can rest assured the quality of the security services we provide your bank are second to none.

Prevention: Our Presence Matters

Prevention is always the preferred security method. Statistics prove that having a visible security guard at a financial institution drastically cuts the likelihood of a crime taking place.

Security in Riverside You Can Bank On

Chino HillQuest Security Guards are highly experienced professionals who are extremely capable of handling any security emergency that arises on your bank’s premises. We also offer many additional services to promote safety and minimize security risks. Contact HillQuest Security today to speak to one of our representatives about bank security services in Chino – (951) 783-2770.


Call us at (951) 783-2770 to speak to one of our representatives. You can also request a free consultation online by clicking on the link below.

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