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When Disaster Strikes, Count on Disaster Relief Security Services Riverside 


Disasters aren’t uncommon, especially in California where earthquakes, fires, and violent shootings happen more often than we’d like. Disasters of all kinds can happen in an instant without any warning at all. Sometimes, disaster can be prevented, or the impact can be lessened with security measures in place.

At HillQuest Security Riverside, we know that being caught off-guard is the worst thing that can happen when disaster strikes. That’s why we offer clients both disaster prevention and planning services.


What Our Riverside HillQuest Security Disaster Division Does


HillQuest Security Riverside assists clients in the prevention of potential disasters by planning for the event as if it is going to happen rather than planning “in case” they happen. Our disaster planning includes procedures for:

  • Rescue
  • Evacuation
  • Property protection
  • Prevention of looting
  • Security lockdown
  • So much more


Disaster Risks and Riverside HillQuest Security Solutions


During a disaster, small businesses, industrial sites, and institutions can become extremely vulnerable with contributing conditions like power outages, cellular outages, and so forth. Electronic security systems become worthless which means businesses are sitting ducks for burglaries, vandalism, and thieves. It can prove extremely difficult for businesses to be secured during such a time.

HillQuest Security Riverside security guards are armed and highly trained to secure your location to protect against rioters, vandals, looters, and other criminals regardless of the severity of the situation and how dangerous it may become. That’s our job and we do it well. Your personnel, business, institution, commercial and/or private property will be tightly secured.


What Sets Our Disaster Relief Services Riverside Apart


Ordinary security guards typically stand at the gate to maintain order during and after a disaster. At Riverside HillQuest Security, we realize that there very well may be no gate left after an emergency. Ordinary security guards may also lose the ability to show up for work during a disaster due to emergencies at home or inability to drive in. At HillQuest Security, that’s what we do. You can be confident that our security guards and officers will respond immediately and without hesitation. You are in the best of hands when you trust our company to your security needs because we are anything but ordinary.


And…There’s More


HillQuest Security in Riverside also offers disaster assistance and training to all clients. In the event of a disaster, the training will have instructed where to go and what to do for evacuation and other emergency measures. Our security guards and officers will be at the scene in no time to protect lives and your property. We will act as a liaison between first responders such as police personnel and fire fighters, and paramedics.


Best Riverside Disaster Relief Security Services


At HillQuest Security Services Riverside, we are experts in disaster relief. With over 20 years of combined military and security experience, our next-level security is second to none.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Call today to find out more about what our outstanding Riverside Disaster Relief Security Service can do for you – (951) 783-2770.


Call us at (951) 783-2770 to speak to one of our representatives. You can also request a free consultation online by clicking on the link below.

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