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Healthcare facilities like hospitals and medical centers aren’t just placed people go when they’re sick, they go to them to commit crimes too. While it may seem farfetched, there were five fatal shootings in two hospitals alone in the first month of 2023. Medical facilities are high stress and where there’s stress, there are crimes.

HillQuest Security Guards in Riverside safeguard patients, staff, and visitors inside and outside the hospital. They also protect property like medical equipment and medication and provide a safe parking environment. In addition, we do surveillance most efficiently and effectively possible.


Most Common Crimes Committed in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities


Hospital crimes can be committed internally or externally and can be both violent and non-violent. Some of the more prominent types of crimes include:

  • Theft of hospital property
  • Auto theft
  • Muggings
  • Homicide
  • Assault and battery
  • Violation of restraining order
  • Bomb threats
  • Trespassing
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug and/or alcohol use on property


Other Types of Healthcare Facility Security Issues We Handle


At HillQuest Security in Riverside, we deal with many other safety and security duties at hospitals such as:

  • Identify threats and suspicious activity
  • Access control
  • Entry and exit escorting of staff or former staff
  • Ambulance assistance
  • Tending to the mentally unstable
  • Containing conflicts
  • Training personnel to deal with emergency situations
  • Execution of emergency procedures in case of disaster
  • Activating alarm system
  • Alerting law enforcement of an emergency
  • Acting as a liaison between staff and police officers
  • Monitoring visitation hours


When There’s a Problem, WE are the Solution.


At HillQuest Security, our team provides comprehensive solutions. Whatever services you need, our professionals will accommodate you so that we fill them. From creating an entire integrated security strategy and system, to providing additional security guards or technology to enhance a n existing security system, we are here to serve you.

Our officers are very experienced and highly trained to detect unforeseen criminal activities and unforeseen emergencies, as well as to offer protection during more vulnerable times such as at night and in criminally targeted parking lots.

HillQuest Security is always up for the challenge. We will take proactive steps to ensure the safety and security of the facility, property, patients, visitors, and personnel.

We specialize in customized security plans for hospitals and medical establishments. We have the capability to design a security system consisting of multiple stations for security guards to patrol the entirety of the property in a timely manner while continuing to maintain a vigilant watch on the main station area.


Find Out How HillQuest Healthcare Security Services in Riverside Can Serve Your Needs


At HillQuest Security Services Riverside, we are experts in healthcare security. With more than 20 years in combined military and security experience, our security team is outstanding. Call today to find out more about what Riverside Security Service can do for your hospital or medical facility – (951) 783-2770.


Call us at (951) 783-2770 to speak to one of our representatives. You can also request a free consultation online by clicking on the link below.

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