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Riverside is a wonderful place to live but it is also a mecca for crime. It has one of the highest crime rates in America with forty out of a thousand residents being victims of crimes yearly. As the owner or manager of an apartment building, you have a great deal of weight on your shoulders. It is your responsibility to keep the residents and staff relatively safe.

An increasing number of residents are suing property owners for crime-related injuries and losses with the average settlement being between $100,000 and $1 million. Given the large amount of people who live in apartment complexes, providing security for your property is a tall order but we’re here to help. At HillQuest Security Service in Riverside, we are experienced security experts.


Most Common Security Risks for Riverside Apartment Complexes


Riverside apartment complex crime is rising, and even non-criminal situations can occur that pose security risks.

Some of the most common security risks include:

  • Theft of property
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug and alcohol related incidences
  • Burglary of residential units
  • Robbery
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Trespassing

At HillQuest Security in Riverside, we operate with highly customized strategies when planning and executing safety and security on your apartment complex property. We also offer training so you and your management and employees can be equipped with knowledge and a clear and concise plan of action in the event of an emergency like a fire or earthquake. Through preparedness and prevention, we equip you with the security that has become imperative at apartment complexes – especially those in high risk cities like Riverside.


We Provide Professional Security in Riverside


Our extensively experienced, highly trained security officers can protect your Riverside apartment complex property and people. HillQuest Security Riverside security guards can be armed or unarmed depending on your needs and wishes. Our officers are well-qualified to execute whatever force it takes to keep your grounds safe.

Some of our security solutions include:

  • On-site monitoring of property and grounds 24/7
  • Regular patroling to ensure the grounds and property are 100% safe and to watch for and eliminate any suspicious activity
  • CCTV monitoring if applicable
  • Creating detailed monthly reports including incident summary reports
  • Responding quickly to any tenant issues or altercations before situations can escalate
  • Maintaining a log for contractors and other service workers


Highly Customized Riverside Apartment Complex Security Services  


At HillQuest Security Services Riverside, we go onto your apartment complex property to assess what it needs to be secure. We also listen to your thoughts and comments to customize a plan of action. Our elite Riverside security services are highly tailored to safeguard your apartment site property, staff, and residents.

Your HillQuest Security service will automatically come with complementary communication systems, so you and your staff can immediately contact our security officers at any time – night or day. When you choose our service, we even provide the vehicles and tools that are required to maintain a safe and secure environment for your property.


Our Team Takes Apartment Security to the Next Level


HillQuest Riverside was founded over two decades ago by a former Marine Officer.. Our outstanding security services embrace the industry’s best practices to protect our clients’ assets, property and people.


Best Apartment Complex Security Service Riverside 


HillQuest Security Services Riverside operates with the utmost integrity and is dedicated to excellence. Call today to find out more about what Riverside Apartment Security Service can offer you – 951-783-2770.


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