Yes, we provide trained, licensed armed and unarmed guards for commercial and residential properties.
Yes HillQuest Security carries a $5,000,000 general liability insurance policy $3,000,000 in workers compensation insurance and $1,000,000 for vehicle Patrol.
HillQuest Security is fully licensed, insured and bonded By the State of California.
HillQuest Security conducts a complete background check, references check, government E-verify check and drug screening for each prospective employee.
HillQuest Security Utilizes the Eagle eye. A tool that we use to provide daily or monthly reports to our clients as well as monitoring our officers while on duty. We also utilize Detext to make sure our guards are constantly active.
HillQuest Security makes available home and business monitoring devices for its clients.
HillQuest Security has helped numerous celebrities and business owners throughout the state of California.
HillQuest Security provides long and short terms contracts. We have contracts for one month up to 3 years.
We have cost-effective rates which do not limit the quality of service we provide.
Our guards are required to check in and out with a dispatcher. In addition, our Field Supervisor conducts random checks on all the guards.
Usually we keep the same guard on a post. Unless the clients request otherwise.
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