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HillQuest Loss Prevention in Riverside is Here to Protect You and Your Investments


Retail location thefts in Riverside have increased throughout the years. It is no longer just an option to have security on site, it’s basically a requirement if you want to protect your investment and keep yourself and your workers and customers safe.

Having someone professional and certified on your site during and even after business hours is imperative. At Riverside HillQuest Security, we provide professional, certified and trained security guards for your protection and for the protection of your property and merchandise. Our staff perform their duties with or without uniform depending upon your request. We are here to serve you in whatever manner you wish.


Top Risks in Retail: Loss Prevention in Riverside

Having a business poses the potential for crime, especially when you have merchandise or valuables – not to mention customers and personnel such as salespeople. Some of the risks involved in retail include:

  • Theft of property (shoplifting)
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Auto theft
  • Looting

At Riverside HillQuest Security, we are highly trained at any and all phases of loss prevention. No matter what comes our way, we are able to handle it effectively and efficiently.


How Loss Prevention in Riverside Can Help Riverside Retailers

At HillQuest Security, we provide all types of security services that are relevant to the security and safety of your business locations. We expertly handle all your inquiries and suggestions efficiently to fully customize and implement a strategy that is unique to your wishes for your location.

We have the expert skills to manage all risk analysis activity and prepare detailed and effective preventative theft strategy. Our strategies cover all kinds of security concerns that can be faced by employers and employees of any organization. We also offer training to owners and employees in the areas of prevention and execution. We know that by strategic planning and extensive knowledge, loss is minimized or eliminated and safety is greatly maximized.


Unmatched Riverside Loss Prevention Expertise

At HillQuest Security Services Riverside, we are professionals in all phases of loss prevention. We are highly trained in the timely and appropriate detection and intervention in shoplifting cases and fraud, as well as the successful interception and arrest of suspects in cases of criminal infraction.

Some of the services we offer for loss prevention in Riverside include:

  • Preventing Auto theft.
  • Cover parking perimeters.
  • Customer Service training.
  • Retail Theft Prevention Services.
  • Undercover Detection Services.
  • Mystery shoppers.
  • Uniform and plain-clothes guards.


You Can Trust Our Exceptional Security Service

Riverside HillQuest Security Guards are ready to meet the challenge of planning and executing all areas of loss prevention.  Our expert guards are highly experienced and are licensed with Pepper Spray, Power to Arrest, Baton, Firearms, and CPR/First Aid. Our officers are also highly trained in disaster relief so in the event of an emergency, you’re in good hands.

Our services come with free communication devices so you and/or your employees can always be able to reach our security at any time. We provide 24/7 loss prevention services and also offer surveillance.


Best Loss Prevention in Riverside

At HillQuest Security Services Riverside, we are experts in loss prevention security and are committed to providing you with a customized strategy and plan of action for your needs. With 20 plus years in combined military and security experience, our security service is the best in the industry. Call today to find out more about what Riverside Loss Prevention Security Service can do for you – 951-783-2770.

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